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High quality spiral classifier price

High quality spiral classifier price
Spiral classifier is suitable for construction sites, gravel plants, hydroelectric dam site in concrete, post and electric pole and sand pouring "seven O" sand, quartz glass sand and pressure filling sand washing oil , Size and dehydration, is also used in mineral processing, grinding in a classification circuit for the control of desliming during washing operations.
Spiral sorter is one of the dressing devices, referred to as the sorter.
Classification mainly high Weir single propeller or a double helix, and double helix depression four types of single spiral classification.
Widely applicable to a spiral hub grinding mill classifier along with the process of sands bypasses closed division path cycle, or a fine graded gravity sand concentrator and the mud and enrichment process for the classification of metals depending on the size of the particles Cellulose, and washing job discharged, dehydration and other operations.
⑴sand cleaning the feed box in the settling tank,spin the helical blade,so that each sand grinding and turning,gravel to remove impurities on the surface of the cap,while the coating layer Of moisture by sand,to facilitate dehydration.The washing water is formed by the porous plate to increase the flow,the foreign matter brought to the surface of a spill overflow of specific small weight,the cleaning action is completed.
⑵dehydration:the higher the proportion of cross-particle damping,the bottom side of the curved plate,the spiral blade is advanced sand.Since the bottom of the water tank is greater than the length of the horizontal line and has a suitable length,pushed up in the process,sand remove excess water,the water leaving the sedimentation tank flows into the other side From the bottom of the chute,the upper end of the gravel drain tank below the discharge opening.
⑶Classify:quality equipment is required by the fine particles will not respond to the overflow of the foreign criteria to achieve,which is controlled way:screw adjustment of the speed of overflow height and adjustment.
Sink length: ≤ 3000-14300mm
Screw diameter: 300-3000mm
Application: Widely used in the concentrator with the ball mill with a closed-loop process of split diversion ore, or used in gravity concentrator to grade ore and fine mud.
1,beautiful appearance,stable and reliable performance.
2,the technology is mature,low failure rate.
3,simple structure,reliable work.
4,operation,maintenance,easy maintenance simple.
Technical Parameter:
ModelScrew Diameter(mm)Screw Rotational Speed(r/min)Length of Water Channel (mm)Moto Power (kw)Overall Dimension (mm)Weight (t)
DrivingUp and DownLengthWidthHeight
FG-330012-30≤ 30001.1—-38504901140≤0.7
FG-55008-12.5≤ 45001.1—-54306801480≤1.9
FG-77506-10≤ 55003—-67209801820≤3.1
FG-1010005-8≤ 65005.5—-759012402380≤4.9
FC-10≤ 84007.5960012402680≤6.2
FG-1212004-6≤ 65007.52.2818015703110≤8.5
FC-12≤ 84007.52.21037015403920≤11.0
2FG-12≤ 6500154.4823027903110≤15.8
2Fc-12≤ 8400154.41037027903920≤17.6
FG-1515004-6≤ 83007.52.21041018804080≤12.5
FC-15≤ 105007.52.21267018204890≤16.8
2FG-15≤ 8300154.41041033904080≤22.1
2FC-15≤ 10500154.41267033704890≤30.7
FG-2020003.6-5.5≤ 840011-1531079025304490≤20.5
FC-20≤ 1290011-1531561025305340≤28.5
2FG-20≤ 840022-3061100046004490≤35.5
2FC-20≤ 1290022-3061576046005640≤48.7
FG-2424003.67≤ 91301531165029104970≤26.8
FC-24≤ 1413018.541658029307190≤41.0
2FG-24≤ 91303061271054305690≤45.8
2FC-24≤ 141303781771054308000≤67.9
2FG-3030003.2≤ 125004081602066406350≤73.0
2FC-30≤ 14300170918680≤84.8

High quality spiral classifier price
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