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HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
HST hydraulic cylinder cone crusher mechanical,electric,automated,intelligent hydraulic control technology,and represents the high efficiency of grinding,low cost of production,easy adjustment and maintenance,crushing of the most advanced technology,ground product Is excellent in the shape of the grain,can be widely used in crushing,grinding,etc.Ultra fine grinding.
The HST hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of the upper frame member,the frame body(broken type),the frame body,the movable cone,the eccentric portion of the drive unit a hydraulic cylinder unit,etc.A horizontal axis driven by the motor,the eccentric sleeve with a horizontal axis driven in rotation by the drive gear driven by another eccentric sleeve shrunk a circular tilting movement for the crushed solid solid extrusion.
By adjusting the conical shape at the bottom of the movable cylinder is the movable upward and downward movement of the cone to facilitate adjustment of the size of the discharge aperture,and to easily adjust the size of the product particles.At the same time,hydraulic cylinders also provide protection over the iron,can not be broken when there is an object(eg iron)in the crushing chamber,that the hydraulic cylinder automatically moves the cone drop,thus releasing The iron,continue milling,protection of the crusher.
1.The structure is simple,durable and reliable
Adjusting the discharge opening in an adjustment and overload protection,simplifies the structure,improves reliability.Each cavity has different characteristics to meet the different requirements of the drop and discharge of the supply requirements.All maintenance done from the top,simple operation,easy maintenance.
2.the shape of the grain product is good,a strong production capacity
Using laminated grinding principle,to improve the shape of the product grains,the product form is a cube.Reasonable eccentricity,and movement parameters with the cavity,which significantly improves productivity and equipment efficiency.
3.The automatic control system,precise control
An automatic control system provides manual control,constant control of the discharge opening,constant power control,and other modes of operation to choose from.Automatic Control System,equipment understanding of the operating conditions in real time,which can play a good performance of the device.
4.Optimal design,long life
The sliding bearing by means of a special wedge-shaped design,to avoid direct frictional contact with the shaft and the bearing.The specific structure of the frame and the reinforcing support material,the load capacity,high reliability and extend the life of the device.
5.Hydraulic lubrication station,low running costs
Hydraulic station and integrated design lubrication,economy of installation space.Arrangement of components and tank volume optimization,easy operation and maintenance,reduce operating costs.
Technical data
ModelCavitiesMaximum feeding size(mm)Minimum discharging size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Maximum install power(kw)
HST100S1(Extra Coarse)2402285-17090
S2(Medium Coarse)2001970-130
H2(Medium Fine)65835-80
H3(Extra Fine)38427-60
HST160S1(Extra Coarse)36025120-345160
S2(Medium Coarse)30022105-305
H2(Medium Fine)901065-165
H3(Extra Fine)50648-105
HST250S1(Extra Coarse)45035255-605250
S2(Medium Coarse)40029215-515
H2(Medium Fine)11013115-340
H3(Extra Fine)70890-255
HST315S1(Extra Coarse)56041335-1050315
S2(Medium Coarse)50038305-895
H2(Medium Fine)13516190-505
H3(Extra Fine)6513205-320
H2(Medium Fine)15519380-1375
H3(Extra Fine)8010270-775
H2(Medium Fine)19522525-1605
H3(Extra Fine)8510350-885

HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
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